Joint Catholic-Protestant project in Italy gives hope to Syrian family

Demonstrators attend a peace rally
By Peter Kenny

The renowned Bambino Gesu children's hospital in Rome is treating a seven-year-old Syrian girl suffering from a rare form of eye a day after arriving in Italy with her family.

Pope Francis to attend joint Lutheran and Catholic commemoration of Reformation in Sweden

By Peter Kenny

Pope Francis is to travel to Sweden in October for a joint ecumenical commemoration of the start of the Reformation, together with leaders of the Lutheran World Federation and representatives of other Christian Churches.

World Council of Churches/UN conference calls for coordinated action on refugee crisis

By Ecumenical News Reporter

A World Council of Churches/UN high level conference on the refugee crisis in Europe, took place at the Ecumenical Center Geneva on Jan. 18-19. Afterwards they issued a joint statement entitled "Europe's Response to the Refuge Crisis, From Origin to Transit, Reception and Refuge, A Call for Shared Responsibility and Coordinated Action."

UK's Christian Aid urges Davos meeting to act on Swiss banking secrecy

By Peter Kenny

As a country known globally for such industries as watchmaking and banking Switzerland has faced accusations of allowing itself to be used for money laundering due to its secrecy laws for lenders. Before politicians and business leaders gather in Davos from Jan. 20 to 23 for the World Economic Forum, Christian Aid questioned whether Switzerland is an appropriate host country saying it is a haven for "dirty" money from poor countries.

World Council of Churches urges N. Korea talks, condemns nuclear test

By Peter Kenny

The World Council of Churches has rebuked North Korea's early January nuclear test, urging the reclusive State and other nations to help reduce tension and promote negotiations for an end to its suspended state of war with the South.

Pope Francis to meet with Russian Patriarch Kirill in Cuba

By Peter Kenny

Pope Francis will meet the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill for first time for an historic meeting in Cuba, the Vatican has said.

Conditions for Syrian refugees worsen say NGOs as peace talks falter

By Peter Kenny

World leaders have attended a donor conference in London with an urgent plea for billions of dollars in aid for refugees from war-torn Syria who face worsening conditions and diminishing peace prospects.

Pope Francis wishes a happy New Year to China, urges peace dialogue

By Peter Kenny

Pope Francis has sent a greetings' message to China for its upcoming New Year saying he hopes the world's most populous nation will contribute to international dialogue and peace for the human family.

World's Orthodox patriarchs prepare for June gathering of Great and Holy Council in Crete

By Peter Kenny

The heads of most of the world's Orthodox churches have called a Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church to be held in the month of June in Crete. They said in a statement that a meeting chaired by the Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew, set the date in iChambésy, Geneva, Switzerland.

World churches leader hails Muslim scholars' declaration on religious minorities' rights

By Peter Kenny

World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit has praised the release of the Marrakesh Declaration on the Rights of Religious Minorities in Predominantly Muslim Majority Communities.

Study finds adult concern at US teens and young adults use of porn, Barna finds

By Peter Kenny

The "pornification" of popular culture means younger generations are coming of age in a hypersexualized cultural ecosystem, a news survey carried out by the Barna Group for the Josh McDowell Ministry has found.

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